Air Travel Information System Demonstration

(Version 1.6)

Welcome to a demonstration of SRI's Speech Technology and Research Laboratory (STAR) and the Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC). This demonstration system is called ATIS, for Airline Travel Information System. You may ask questions about airline flights between selected cities, flight times, fares, etc.

This application, based on Nuance Communications, Inc. and SRI's speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies, was written in Java using the Open Agent Architecture (OAA).

You can also check the Announcement of this Demonstration, a technical paper, and a VIDEO.

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  • If you are behind a firewall this demonstration may not work.

  • Instructions

    1. Check if telephone line is available by clicking on the "Phone status" button below.
    2. Call the number below.
    3. You will hear a prompt and be given a four digit password.
    4. Type this password in the black area below and click START.
    5. You will hear further instructions over the phone.
    6. The ATIS application window will then appear.


    (If you don't see a login box below, your browser does not support Java)


  • Please check that you entered the password you were given. If you are not sure, you can hang up the phone and try again.
  • If the phone is busy, someone else is using the demonstration. Please be patient and try again!
  • If the phone does not respond, the server is not running and the demo is not available for the moment.

  • Internal use only

  • For members of the STAR Lab, click here.

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