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How to enjoy the videos?

In order to watch our videos, you need an AVI viewer

PC with Windows 95, you're fine!
Windows 3.1, you need the runtime Video for Windows.
Workstations, you can use Xanim and copy these lines in your .mailc ap file.
Mac users will use the .AVI -> .MOV (QuickTime) avi-to-qt-converter Converter.

You can enjoy Real Videos on your Windows PC thanks to Real

Unix (.gz)
PC (.zip)
ATIS (2'55")movie (738 Kb)movie (757 Kb)
Spoken Language Translation (4'06")movie (1331 Kb)movie (1350 Kb)
Speaker Identification (5'35")movie (1190 Kb)movie (1190 Kb)
Real Video
C|NET June 97 (2'46")movie (189 Mb)movie (1650 Kb)
Scientific American May 97 (4'30").movie (2600 Kb)
Visions d'Ameriques March 96 (in French 2'30").movie (1800 Kb)

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