Air Travel Information System Demonstration

Data collected from ATIS

The speech data collected from ATIS is located here. (Disk: /home/spftp2/ )

The data is organized by day and Session. In each directory corresponding to a session, there is a logfile.

We keep track of the following information:

SESSION_BEGIN Time of the begining of the session.
HOST The host that accessed the demo
MACHINE_TYPE The type of machine that accessed the demo.
HYP The recognized string
NL_RESULT The natural language result
FILENAME Pointer to the correspondent wavform
SESSION_END Time of the end of the session
EXIT_STATUS 'User quit' or 'phone hangup'

We stop collecting data when the disk reaches 80% of its capacity.

Documentation about the Java agent library and ATIS

Java classes for Atis and the Agent library.

SRI International ATIS Demonstration

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