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Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory

SRI International's Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory is recognized as a world-leading speech technology organization. Our staff includes engineers, computer scientists, and linguists, offering a fine balance of the skills required for leading-edge development. For government and commercial clients, we offer technology creation and transfer in areas such as signal processing, phonetics/phonology, mathematical modeling, and software engineering.

In the 1990s, SRI spun off market leader Nuance Communications (Nasdaq: NUAN) to exploit technology developed in the STAR Laboratory. Nuance's speech software solutions enable automated access to information and services using nothing more than the power of voice and an ordinary telephone.

Our current technologies for license include EduSpeak, DynaSpeak, and the SRI Language Modeling Toolkit (SRILM).

We are actively researching new technologies like SenSay Analytics as a platform that performs real-time speaker state classification from spoken audio.

Learn more about our current and past research activities, meet our people, review our publications, upcoming and past seminars and press coverage, and check out our career opportunities.


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