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Speech Translation Research at SRI International


M. Akbacak, H. Franco, M. Frandsen, S. Hasan, H. Jameel, A. Kathol, S. Khadivi, X. Lei, A. Mandal, S. Mansour, K. Precoda, C. Richey, D. Vergyri, W. Wang, M. Yang, and J. Zheng, Recent Advances in SRI's IraqComm(TM) Iraqi Arabic-English Speech-to-Speech Translation System, in Proc. IEEE ICASSP, Taipei, pp. 4809-4813, April 2009.

A. Kathol and J. Zheng, Strategies for building a Farsi-English SMT system from limited resources, in Proc. Interspeech, Brisbane, Australia, pp. 2731-2734, September 2008.

K. Precoda, C. Culy, H. Franco, A. Dost, M. Frandsen, J. Fry, A. Kathol, C. Richey, S. Riehemann, D. Vergyri, and J. Zheng. Limited-Domain Speech-to-Speech Translation between English and Pashto, in HLT/NAACL demo sessions, May 2004.

H. Franco, J. Zheng, K. Precoda, F. Cesari, V. Abrash, D. Vergyri, A. Venkataraman, H. Bratt, C. Richey, and A. Sarich, Development of phrase translation systems for handheld computers: from concept to field, in Proc. Eurospeech, Geneva, pp. 373-376, 2003.

C. Culy and S.Z. Riehemann, The Limits of N-Gram Translation Evaluation Metrics, in Proceedings of MT Summit IX, 2003.

M. Rayner, D. Carter, P. Bouillon, V. Digalakis, and M. Wiren, The Spoken Language Translator, Cambridge University Press, 2000.

Technical Reports on the Spoken Language Translator from SRI Cambridge


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