Vikramjit Mitra

I am a Research Engineer at the Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory, SRI International. I received my Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from University of Maryland, College Park in 2010. Prior to that I received my masters and bachelors degree, both in Electrical Engineering from University of Denver, and Jadavpur University.

My research focuses on improving robustness in automatic speech recognition systems against noise corruption, channel effects and speaker stylistic differences. I am also working on incorporating speech production and perception knowledge into speech recognition systems.

In the past I have worked on music information retrieval, language identification, speaker recognition, speech coding, remote-object detection, edge detection and 3D volume rendering.

My areas of interest are -

 Speech & Language Processing (speech recognition, speech inversion and language recognition)

 Gesture Recognition

 Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition

 Time-series Prediction

 Signal Processing for Feature extraction

 Natural Language Processing

 Audio Content Analysis & Information Retrieval

 Semantic Information Retrieval



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