Proceedings of the Workshop on Bridging the Gap: Academic and Industrial Research in Dialog Technologies

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Fuliang Weng, Bosch Research
Ye-Yi Wang, Microsoft Research
Gokhan Tur, SRI International
Junling Hu, Bosch Research

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pdf bib Front matter pp. i–x
pdf bib Applying POMDPs to Dialog Systems in the Troubleshooting Domain
Jason Williams
pp. 1–8
pdf bib Training a real-world POMDP-based Dialog System
Blaise Thomson, Jost Schatzmann, Karl Weilhammer, Hui Ye and Steve Young
pp. 9–16
pdf bib The Multimodal Presentation Dashboard
Michael Johnston, Patrick Ehlen, David Gibbon and Zhu Liu
pp. 17–24
pdf bib Technical Support Dialog Systems:Issues, Problems, and Solutions
Kate Acomb, Jonathan Bloom, Krishna Dayanidhi, Phillip Hunter, Peter Krogh, Esther Levin and Roberto Pieraccini
pp. 25–31
pdf bib Olympus: an open-source framework for conversational spoken language interface research
Dan Bohus, Antoine Raux, Thomas Harris, Maxine Eskenazi and Alexander Rudnicky
pp. 32–39
pdf bib Toward Evaluation that Leads to Best Practices: Reconciling Dialog Evaluation in Research and Industry
Tim Paek
pp. 40–47
pdf bib Experiments on the France Telecom 3000 Voice Agency corpus: academic research on an industrial spoken dialog system
Géraldine Damnati, Frédéric Béchet and Renato De Mori
pp. 48–55
pdf bib Experiences of an In-Service Wizard-of-Oz Data Collection for the Deployment of a Call-Routing Application
Mats Wirén, Robert Eklund, Fredrik Engberg, and Johan Westermark
pp. 56–63
pdf bib AdaRTE: An Extensible and Adaptable Architecture for Dialog Systems
Lina Rojas and Toni Giorgino
pp. 64–67
pdf bib Multi-slot semantics for natural-language call routing systems
Johan Boye and Mats Wirén
pp. 68–75
pdf bib Enhancing commercial grammar-based applications using robust approaches to speech understanding
Hebert Matthieu
pp. 76–83
pdf bib WIRE: A Wearable Spoken Language Understanding System for the Military
Helen Hastie, Patrick Craven and Michael Orr
pp. 84–88
pdf bib Different measurement metrics to evaluate a chatbot system
Bayan Abu Shawar and Eric Atwell
pp. 89–96

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