Anand Venkataraman
PhD (1997, CS).

How can you contact me?

As of Sep 28, 2006, after a fun-filled and fulfilling 6 years here, I no longer work at SRI. You can browse my
my personal web page where I'll try to keep information about me current.

What have I published?

What have I taught in the past?

In a previous life, I taught this very well received Machine Learning graduate class and the "much enjoyed" Foundations of CS class.

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All content following this represent my own personal views and SRI International is in no way responsible for them, nor does it endorse any of them.

Some snaps

Here are some cool photographs, most of which were taken with either a Minolta X700 or an Olympus Mju zoom.

Some of my light non-fiction

Some of my light fiction

Some of my original (and some not-so-original) humor

These were all published in the usenet newsgroup rec.humor.funny (moderated by Brad Templeton) during its formative days back in the early '90s. Of course, nobody reads newsgroups anymore.

Some of my mellifluous :-) Googlewhacks

Simplex somnambulator, Morphophonemic mellifluence, Bisexual bric-a-bracs...What do these words have in common?
Click here to find out.

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